LYP 011: When Passion and Creativity Collide: An Interview with Morsel's Hillary Sparks

This week, Launch Youniversity is honored to be joined by Morsel creator, Hillary Sparks. A year ago, Hillary launched a subscription based newsletter, Morsel. Morsel is uniquely designed and delivered monthly digest featuring her favorite Atlanta-area restaurants. In this episode Hillary describes her milestones and what the first year looks like for new launchers. We hope you enjoy our conversation with Hillary as much as we did.

LYP 010: Launching a New Career with the NFL's Hunter Henry

This week, Launch Youniversity is honored to be joined by NFL Tight End, Hunter Henry.

This past year, Hunter was drafted by the San Diego Chargers as the 35th overall pick. While Hunter's career path is unique, he is in the trenches learning about what it takes to launch a career just like many of you listening are. In this episode Hunter shares how he's learning from others in his field, how to overcome early-career upsets and lots of other lessons along the way. We hope you enjoy our conversation with Hunter as much as we did. 

LYP 009: When Your Launch Doesn't Go as Planned: The Story of Chick-fil-A BBQ Sauce

At Chick-fil-A, David is responsible for Menu Strategy and Shane is over Customer Experience. In July of 2016, David and his team were developing ways to freshen up their BBQ Sauce by launching a new recipe. They followed the steps of The Pathway to Launch Sequence and successfully validated the new product in test locations. Everything pointed to a successful launch. But what happens when your launch doesn't go the way it's supposed to? Listen to Episode 009 now. 

LYP 008: Chef Ford Fry on Launching with Purpose and Authenticity

In today's episode, Ford walks us through his process of taking an idea for a restaurant, designing a full concept, and ultimately opening its doors to the public. His approach is unique—instead of building everything around his idea, he starts with a location and builds his ideas around the needs of the neighborhood. This servant-leadership way of thinking has resulted in restaurants that feel authentic and serves a greater purpose in the city. Listen to the full episode now.

LYP 007: Learning How to Repeat Success with Chef Ford Fry

Ford Fry is one of Atlanta's most accomplished and well-recognized restauranteur. Between 2012 to 2016, Ford launched 10 new restaurants that quickly became some of the hottest spots in the city. 

Ford didn't set out to be the well-known success that he is. He had a passion for food, experiences and people—and those fueled his ambition for opening new restaurants and concepts. 

Our conversation with Ford proved that the more times you launch, the easier it gets. Listen to our full interview now. 

LYP 004: How to Leverage Social Media to Build an Online Family with Eryn Eddy

Welcome back to The Launch Youniversity Podcast! Today’s episode is part two of our conversation with Eryn Eddy of So Worth Loving. In part one of this conversation, Eryn talked about turning passion into business and turning business into community (listen now!). Today, she's diving deep in how to use social media to get you there. 

Eryn gives incredible insight on how to refer to your customers, how to have an impactful Instagram feed, and she even gives Jeff and Kevin few pointers on Snapchat. This is episode is a can’t miss for any launchers who are building their brand and online community!

LYP 002: Turning Ideas to Reality with The Launch Sequence

Welcome back to The Launch Youniversity Podcast! In today’s episode, Kevin Jennings sits down with Jeff Henderson to talk about his experiences launching products for Oprah Winfrey, Tony Robbins, Dave Ramsey and his own company, Junction 32.

Here’s a hint: Oprah’s team taught him empathy, Tony taught him about raving fans and Dave taught him about being a generous brand.

Then, Jeff provides insight on the true definition of a successful launch and how following the steps of The Launch Sequence leads to repeated success for both entrepreneurs and intrepreneurs. Listen now!

LYP 001: Five Elements of a Successful Launch

Welcome back to The Launch Youniversity Podcast! In today’s episode Jeff Henderson, David Farmer, Shane Benson and Kevin Jennings break down The Launch Sequence: what it is, why it works and how to follow it.

When looking for a new way to launch products at Chick-fil-a, they traveled the country to study how other successful businesses were launching. Their research and conversation led them to The Launch Sequence.

There are five elements to The Launch Sequence: understand, imagine, prototype, validate and launch. Listen now to hear the hosts talk about which stage matters most to them!

LYP 000: Introducing Launch Youniversity

Welcome to The Launch Youniversity Podcast! In the first-ever episode, Jeff Henderson, David Farmer, Shane Benson and Kevin Jennings explain what Launch Youniversity is, why they’re passionate about it and how they hope it serves you, the listeners.

Launch Youniversity aims to engage the next generation of leaders who are driven to accelerate their personal and professional development by providing them with resources, tools, and advice to promote their ingenuity.

The Launch Youniversity Podcast helps go-getters, like you, discover what it takes to turn good intentions into reality in their career, business, and life.