LYP 064: CEO of Roam, Peyton Day, on People, Culture and Setting Yourself Apart

Roam started the way that all the best businesses do… with a problem that needed to be solved.

When the recession hit in 2008, corporate businesses were cutting costs by shutting their office doors and sending employees home to work remotely. This happened to five friends in Alpharetta, GA. They could work from home, where their day would be filled with distractions. They could work from a coffee shop, where they’d have to fight for a good seat and a wifi connection. Or, they could open their own place to have coffee, share ideas and work alongside others.

Now, 10 years later, the space they dreamed of is called Roam. Roam is an innovative coworking space with multiple locations throughout greater Atlanta. Today on the podcast, we’re joined by Roam CEO Peyton Day as he shares the journey to get Roam launched and what all launchers can do to set themselves apart from competition.

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LYP 063: Positioning Yourself For New Opportunities


We grow the most when we take on a new assignment or challenge. But how do we position ourselves in a way where people trust us and think of us when those new opportunities arise? On today's episode, David and Kevin talk about practical ways to make sure you're prepared when the next opportunity comes your way. 

Welcome to episode 063 of the podcast. 


Linchpin by Seth Godin

The Predictable Success Leadership Quiz (by Les McKeown) 

Plywood People


1. Kill it where you are

The best way you can show that you're ready for the next step is to be operating highly effectively in the role you already have. This goes beyond doing a great job in your day-to-day tasks... how are you setting the company you serve up for more success? What can you automate, delegate and systematize? 

2. Know where you add value and make specific offers to help

Once you know where you can bring the most value, take it a step beyond telling someone "let me know if you need anything!" Instead, say "I heard you mention that you could use help with [XYZ] I feel like I could add value here and would love to help you take on that project." If you're specific, kind and humble... most people will be happy for the help.  

3. Cultivate relationships

Some people love to network and for others it's the awkward bane of career existence. We're inclined to think "If I keep my head down and work hard the right people will notice me and promote me." But it doesn't always happen that way. Relationships are huge forces in positioning yourself for your next role at work. This doesn't mean being the person who only gets to know people who can help them climb to the top (nobody likes that person). But it does mean asking people about their story and genuinely caring about their answers. If your role interacts with their role in anyway, reach out to them. 

LYP 062: Dealing with Conflict, Different Opinions and Challenging People

No matter how much you may love your job and your coworkers... you will 100% encounter conflict, different opinions and challenging people in the workplace. It's normal! And it's not always bad. When you come across these less-than-comfortable moments, Kevin and David are sharing what the best course of action is.

Welcome to episode 62 of the podcast.

LYP 061: Communication Is Multiplication

In this week’s episode, Launch Youniversity members Jeff Henderson and Kevin Jennings discuss communicating new ideas. Launchers tend to believe that their idea alone is magic, but Jeff and Kevin explain why communication, messaging and phrases are key to true impact. When pitching an idea, it’s not about information, it’s about buy in.

Welcome to Episode 61 of the Launch Youniversity Podcast.

LYP 060: Why Your Pitch May Not Be Working

You happen to find yourself on an elevator with a person of significance. You have a short amount of time to pitch them what you’re doing in a compelling way. How? Selling an idea in a very clear and concise manner, in a short amount of time, and inspire the person you’re pitching to take action. That, friends, is an elevator pitch. Whether you know that analogy, or this is the first time hearing about it, you’re elevator pitch matters. Good ideas die with bad communication. This episode is about finding, refining, and improving your elevator pitch.

LYP 059: Rituals Over Resolutions


If you're learning to play an instrument, 1 hour of practice over the course of 10 days is much more effective than 10 hours of practice in 1 day. Interesting, right? That's because small steps, consistently taken, over a long amount of time is how humans are wired to learn, grow and change best. Our daily rituals and habits are a key component in helping us do all of those things. They don't need to be two hours long, but they need to be consistent and manageable. On today's episode, Kevin and Jeff share their daily rituals and ways that you can develop your own in 2018. 


1. Your night ritual matters just as much as your morning one.

Google “early morning routines of successful people” and you’ll find hundreds of articles, maybe even thousands. And for good reason, a smart morning routine is a proven way to mentally set yourself up for a happy and productive day. But the mornings tends to get all the credit while we forget about the evenings. Instead of falling asleep on the couch watching Jimmy Fallon, create an evening ritual. It could be laying out your workout clothes for the next day, grinding coffee beans, bookmarking your next day’s devotional, making your lunch, etc. A great day begins the night before.

2. Your rituals are for you.

Don’t just go through the motions of a ritual because books and articles and podcasts told you to do so. Whether it’s a morning, work day, driving or evening ritual… consider how you want to feel when the ritual is over. Inspired and encouraged? Organized and prepared? Customize your plan and ritual to practices that will help you feel that.

3. You already have rituals

You might be thinking “I don’t have any rituals and I don’t have time to add any.” But you do. What are the things that you do on a consistent basis? Do you watch 2 or 3 hours of TV after dinner? Do you read when your kids go to bed? Do you stop for coffee most mornings? Those are rituals. Take a look at what your rituals already are and assess if they’re working for you. If not, assign their time to something else that will.


Tony Robbins

Jeff’s Prayer Ritual:

  • What are 7 things you’re grateful for right now?
  • What are 7 things you’re praying for 10 or more years from now?
  • What are you praying for God’s help on now?


LYP 058: Rocket Fuel: 10 Ways to Launch Your New Year

Happy 2018, launchers! It's a new year, and we're spending today's episode getting practical on ways you can accomplish your goals. Jeff, Shane, David and Kevin are on the podcast sharing advice for starting the year right, questions to ask yourself, and what their personal goals are in 2018 (and how they plan on achieving them).

Welcome to episode 58 of The Launch Youniversity Podcast.



Don't worry about taking notes today, because we have all links, questions and prompts discussed on today's episode in a free, downloadable planning guide for you.

LYP 056: Become a Better Listener: The Framework You Need to Bring Value to Others

Leadership skills can only take you so far if you're not a good listener. A few years ago, Shane began working with a Listening Coach. Through working on his listening skills, he learned that being a good listener is a lot more than just sitting quietly while another person talks. True listening is about helping people self-discover their own solutions. 

Welcome to Episode 56 of the Launch Youniversity Podcast.

LYP 055: Atlanta United's Matt Moore on Launching a Sports Team and Building a Community

If you live in Greater Atlanta, then you've heard of the city's newest sports team: Atlanta United FC. In 2017, it's inaugural year, excitement for the new soccer team completely took over the city of Atlanta. Today on the podcast, Jeff and Shane sit down with Matt Moore, the person behind the successful launch. He's sharing his experiences with us over the last two years of building community buzz, testing content on social media and truly getting to know and connect with your customers. 

Welcome to Episode 55 of The Launch University Podcast.

LYP 054: Shane's Ironman: What We Can Learn From The Pursuit Of A Bucket List Goal


Do you have a big, bucket list goal? Maybe it's running a marathon or maybe it's starting your own company. Shane wanted to participate in an Ironman Competition: A 2.4 mile ocean swim followed by a 112 mile bike and lastly, running a full 26.2 mile marathon. 

Participating in a competition of this magnitude isn't something you can just decide to do one day. It takes months of dedicated training. Earlier this month, Shane reached his goal (congratulations, Shane!) and today David is sitting down with him to talk about what he did, and what anyone can do, to reach their bucket list goals. 

LYP 053: The Best of Launch Youniversity 2017 Pt.1


It's been a great year of interviews and conversations here at Launch Youniversity! As you begin to wrap up your year, here are a few of our favorites about community, branding, and scaling. 

Welcome to Episode 53 of the Launch Youniversity Podcast 


Clay Scroggins' Full Episode

Eryn Eddy's Full Episode

Shane and David's Full Episode

Jan Smith's Full Episode

Justin Miller's Full Episode


Clay Scroggins on Thinking Critically

Critical thinking is a skill you practice in tandem with choosing positivity. It's looking at any given situation and asking yourself "How could I or we add value here?" 

Eryn Eddy on Building a Community

Don’t use social media as a megaphone. Use it as a way to engage with your audience. Talk with them, not at them.

Shane and David on Personal Branding

Your brand stamp is what you say about yourself, but your brand shadow is what others say about your brand. 

Jan Smith on Delegating

If you are willing to replicate and delegate, your business can grow beyond you. Jan could only sell a limited hours of her time so she made an effort to teach and replicate her skills with others she felt had the musical knowledge. This allowed Jan and her team to replicate and delegate efficiently to new staff without losing the quality of working with Jan personally.

Justin Miller on Self-Care

Even passion needs to take a back seat to personal care. For Justin, this means setting boundaries with his schedule. It means time blocking parts of his day to pour into his team. It means acknowledging that even though he is saving lives in Africa, his wife and child always come first. Passion is an incredible thing, but we need to steward it correctly to be successful with it. 

LYP 052: Get More Done: Time Management Tips You Need Today with David and Shane

Welcome back to another episode of the Launch Youniversity Podcast! 

Today, Shane and David are talking about the techniques they use to manage their day, take care of their to-do lists and achieve their goals. If you've ever thought about all the things you want to accomplish and thought "How will I ever get this done?" then this episode is for you. 

LYP 050: Carey Nieuwhof's Tips on Launching, Growing and Mastering Your Schedule For Good


This episode originally aired on 01/26/2017

This week, Launch Youniversity is honored to be joined by Carey Nieuwhof. Carey is someone who people might look at and think "how does he do it all?". Carey serves as a Senior Pastor at Connexus Church in Toronto. He has a blog with several million readers. He writes and publishes books. He has a top leadership podcast with millions of downloads. And. last year he launched an online course called The High Impact Leader.

But the thing is, Carey will be the first to tell you that he isn't Superman. However, has learned to master his energy and schedule. Through all of his experience launching, Carey has more than a few words of wisdom to share with the Launch Youniversity listeners. We hope you enjoy this interview as much as we did.

LYP 049: When Mission and Good Business Collide: Brian Preston of Lamon Luther

Can you be mission-focused but also profit-focused? Yes, and Lamon Luther is a really good example of it. When Brian Preston found himself wanting to help people who needed jobs, he realized that the best way to do that was to grow a healthy, profitable business. Brian is passionate about his mission, but in order to stay on mission... he has to stay in business. On today's podcast, he shares his fascinating story and lessons he's learned for any launcher looking to make a difference.  

Welcome to episode 49 of the Launch Youniversity Podcast.

LYP 048: What Does It Take to Go All-In on Your Dream? Bryan and Shannon Miles of Belay Solutions


You've heard the phrase before: high risk, high reward. Bryan and Shannon Miles of Belay Solutions are walking examples of that. As new parents in the middle of a recession, they decided to go all-in on a new-concept business. Now, seven years later, Belay Solutions leading the pack when it comes to virtual staffing.

How did they start? How have they grown it? What tools have helped them along the way? Today on episode 48 of The Launch Youniversity Podcast. 


Belay Solutions

Virtual Culture by Steven Jones

Book in a Box: Turning Ideas Into Books




Workplace by Facebook


Know Your Runway

Starting a business means taking a financial risk. Whether it’s a big one like Bryan and Shannon, or a smaller one to get a side project off the ground… Shannon told us: Know your runway. Don’t get so caught up in the dream that you forget about the financial reality. Know how much you can put into the business and still survive. Know when your stopping point is.

Create the kind of company you’d like to work for

Culture happens, no matter what. So instead of just letting culture happen to your business, be intentional about creating it. Belay had a unique barrier to creating culture: every person works remotely. So, they use a simple (but effective) filter when evaluating office culture: If I didn’t own this company, would I like working here?

Celebrate along the way

Celebrating milestones matters more than you think. It reminds the team what the vision is and refuels their passion for getting there. Even during busy seasons, make time to stop and congratulate the team on wins.

LYP 046: How to Get Unstuck When You're Stalled


For launchers and go-getters, the hustle of getting projects going is fun and energizing. But we can't keep going at a launch pace forever. (Even computers need to be shut down and restarted every now and then.) Jeff, David and Kevin are on the podcast today to talk about how to get unstuck and refueled. Sometimes it's rest, sometimes it's tapping into your resources, and sometimes it's simply giving yourself a new lens to look at life through.  

Welcome to episode 46 of The Launch Youniversity Podcast.


If you think you're too strong for rest, rest will prove you wrong. 

Emotionally healthy organizations are lead by emotionally healthy people.

It's not about saying no for forever, it's about saying no for now. 

The best decisions we make are made with the long-term perspective.


1. Focus on high-impact results

What activities show you the most return? Where is the 30% of your activity that makes up 80% of your results. Maybe you're spending a lot of time on your business' social media but allocating some of that time to customer service is where you'd really feel results. Find your high-impact activities and focus on them.

2. Give yourself an early win every morning

Set yourself up for a win either with your heart, soul, mind or body. It could be writing a thank you note or a birthday card, having a devotional, reading or working out. When you give yourself a win first thing, you set yourself in the motion of winning... and that momentum will set yourself up for a productive day. 

3. Gratitude is the antidote to being overwhelmed

Research shows that gratitude quiets fear in our brains. When you're stressed out and overwhelmed thinking about the things that you have to do, challenge yourself to think: I get to do this. It turns your chores and obligations into opportunities. When you look at your life with a lens of gratitude, it changes everything. 


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LYP 045: Courage, Vision and Listening to Your Inner Voice with Garrett Gravesen and Kevin Scott of ADDO

If you’re waiting for permission to make a do something (like launching that passion project, pushing back on the status quo at work or even chasing that dream you can’t shake from your mind) then this episode is for you. And we don’t say that lightly.

Kevin Scott and Garrett Gravesen of ADDO join Shane for a candid and inspiring conversation about listening to your inner voice, staying clear on vision and what ten seconds of insane courage could look like. It’s an episode you absolutely do not want to miss.

Welcome to The Launch Youniversity Podcast.